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The kitchen must be kept clean to ensure good food hygiene. Make it a habit always to clean up any kind of handling and cooking of food. In many homes, the kitchen has become the heart of the home that is used for cooking, socializing, playing and having fun with the family.

A kitchen that is used frequently will also be dirty, so it requires thorough cleaning. With today’s automatization it becomes much easy to do everyday cleaning. You can buy robot vacuum which will help to keep your kitchen clean. Just schedule everyday settings, and make your life a little easier. There are a lot of machines in any price level, and robot vacuum comparison can help you to choose the best one

Get the best tips for cleaning the kitchen as well as the kitchen appliances. Avoid bacteria and make cooking a game with these basic cleaning tips that you can accomplish without completely expensive cleaning products.

What Should Be Your Routine for the Kitchen?

The main routine about cleaning in the kitchen is about cleanup and structure. Put current ingredients in the refrigerator and dishwasher in the dishwasher (and wash it up in the hand that does not withstand machine, including cutlery and woodcut boards), quickly clear the table when it is cleared – you have reached a long distance! Consider the kitchen as a professional workplace where you clean and clean, so the place is ready for the next time you or others have to cook out there.

Would you wish that your kitchen was always clean, cleaned and straightforward if the task is to cook dinner for the whole family, spontaneously stir cake dough or just boil water for a cup of tea? So do yourself the service to incorporate these few, but effective cleanup and cleaning routines from some of the country’s sharpest cleaning experts.

Cleaning of the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, stove, cooker hood and other appliances in the kitchen

First of all, you can get an overview of the dirtiest places in your kitchen as well as a guide to cleaning them. You also get a guide for cleaning such as cast iron, crystal glass, silicone mold, coffee machine, waffle iron and blender. Also, read why it is important to clean the freezer and the hood. And get the most effective method of cleaning these. See also the best tricks for cleaning the oven.

Small steps also help

If you are not for the very big main cleaning of the entire refrigerator every fortnight, then wash a shelf or vegetable tray in the refrigerator when you still have wet fingers from the dishes. Then you get it done and it does not require the very big organizational planning work on that did it last, if it is or who has overturned the ketchup bottle at the back of the refrigerator. Then it’s done.

Remember: Organize your work if there are items that are very dirty, start soaking and get started with the other items in the kitchen at a time.

How often should the kitchen table be cleaned?

Kitchen worktops, cookers and all places cooked food must be cleaned and wiped daily and especially when spilled. The main cleaning is carried out when it needs or at least every fourteenth day of course depending on how much the pig is and how many are using the kitchen.

At colleges, where a kitchen is shared by many people, at least the main course must be done every week and also cleaned daily after cooking.

Why: If the kitchen is not clean, it can cause illnesses and a few extra days of sickness in the studio or at work, which may also develop an allergy to house dust mites.

Cleaning the stove, oven and microwave

Mix warm water and sulfo. Take a cloth or plastic brush and wash the hob, oven and microwave in the hot soap solution. Never use metal sponges, scouring powder or similar products as they scratch. Indulge in with cold water.

If the hobs, oven or microwave are very dirty, it is better to use brown soap. Spread a thick layer of brown soap on the stains with a cloth or disposable sponge. Scrub until the stains are dissolved and rinse with cold water.

In the case of older and burnt stains, cook the stove into the soap solution and pack the oven door and other dirty items into the household film. This prevents the soap from drying out and avoids the unpleasant vapors from the brown soap. Let the stove stand overnight. Wash the stove clean and rinse with cold water. Repeat the treatment until the spots are gone.

Be careful: Brown soap is highly corrosive and therefore removes all the fat from the skin and in the worst case it can cause open wounds. Therefore, it is important that you always wear gloves when working with brown soap.

Never use: Go far beyond alcohol-based cleaners to make the buttons on the hob, oven or microwave, so you can wash the numbers on the buttons.

Cleaning ceramic hob

Scrape the glass plate free of stuck food residue with the special scraper that comes with the glass plate. There are many products on the market for ceramic hobs and it is best that you use one of the means. Bring the liquid on and leave for a few minutes and wash with cold water.

Cleaning the usual hob: the last Thing

If you have a good old-fashioned hob, you can clean it with warm water and detergent. Use a cloth or plastic brush and wash the hobs soapy. Never use a metal sponge, scouring powder or the like, because they scratch the hob and the stove. Indulge in with cold water. Are the plates very dirty, try with brown soap instead of? Spread a thick layer of brown soap on the stains with a cloth or disposable sponge. The scrub to the stains is dissolved and rinse with cold water. If the stains are burned too firmly, then the cooking plates lubricate into a solution of water and brown soap. Pack them into household movies. This prevents the soap from drying out and avoids the unpleasant air from the brown soap. Leave it overnight. Wash the hotplates clean and rinse with cold water. Repeat until the spots are gone.